When does the minting start?

What's the minting price?

It starts from 0.15 ETH. However, since we're using The Expected Value Pool, the minting price can either drop or increase to some extent. Our code writing spacebunny ran some simulations and came to the conclusion that it can fluctuate between 0.21 ETH and 0.13 ETH.

Are the contracts audited?


How long does it take for the nifty to arrive in my wallet?

It might take a few minutes or more to arrive at your wallet.
If you make a purchase, then effectively you're putting yourself into a queue and the transaction from the next person after you (or our team) will release your mints. This also means that your transaction will release the mint for the previous person.
It's part of our exploits mitigation to ensure fairness of our minting process.

What if I really like a specific Genesis that I was not able to mint?

Worry not, young Padawan. You can still mint Prints of it. Each Genesis has the functionality to produce Prints that are "snapshots" of the current state/version of the Genesis.

How are the artworks created?

The 40 Geneses are curate by our four artists: Tommy Cash, Katja Novitskova, Ilja Karilampi, and Nik Kosmas.
The 4,096 Mutagens are machine-generated.

What can I do with a Genesis?

  • Mutate on-chain (changing states)
  • Curate your own sub-collection through Prints
  • Hunt for rare mutations
  • Collect revenue (from people who are minting Prints of your Genesis)

What can I do with a Mutagen?

  • Hodl for speculation due to the deflationary characteristics
  • Collaborate with a Genesis owner to help her/him to trigger specific mutations

How many mutations will each genesis have?

Each Genesis has 256 states it can mutate into.

If I mutate my Genesis, does it burn the NFT and mint a new one?

No. It won't mint a new token. Instead, it updates the metadata on each change.

Does Opensea update my Genesis after I mutate it?

Yes, but you might need to refresh the metadata in Opensea.

Is each Genesis mutation random?

Each Genesis has 4 layers and every layer has 4 variations and each Mutagen (that you need to burn for a mutation) has properties on it. By burning a specific Mutagen, you can choose the outcome.

How steep is the bonding curve for minting a Print?

The price starts at 0.20 ETH. Although the bonding curve can get steep, the Print minting is not capped.

Doesn't it make the Prints less rare without a fixed supply?

Let's say my Genesis is an ape with a banana. Someone mints 5 Prints of it and the Genesis holder triggers a mutation that removes the banana. Even if there will be 200 new Prints minted afterward, there will still be just 5 Prints that have an ape with a banana. So no, we don't see it diluting the value of Prints.

How is the Print minting fee distributed?

90% gets locked to Burning Reserve for instant liquidity
5% goes to the Genesis owner
5% goes to the Mutagen project (team)

What are you going to do with the funds from the initial sale?

40% goes to the artists, 30% to developers, and 30% to the rest of the team.

Wen moon?

We don't know. Although we are fully committed to Mutagen, please ape responsibly.