If you really like a specific Genesis artwork but you were not able to mint it for yourself, you can mint a Print of it.

Prints are static snapshots and capture the state of a Genesis at the time of printing. Unlike the Genesis itself, these will not change over time nor can they be mutated. You can create them from any Genesis based on a bonding curve.

Prints can also be burned back to the curve for 90% of the last Print’s value so the bonding curve provides automatic liquidity to all the prints.

Prints can have very interesting rarity dynamics, e.g. if only a small number of prints are created between mutations, they can become very rare in the overall scheme of things.

You can mint a Print by going to our Gallery and selecting the Genesis you like.

Minting price

For each Genesis, the price runs on a bonding curve and starts at 0.20 ETH.

How are the Print fees distributed?

  • 90% gets locked in the smart contracts for instant liquidity (Print owners can burn back their nifty and get some money back)

  • 5% goes to the Genesis owner

  • 5% goes to the Mutagen project (team)

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