Initial Distribution (EV Pool)

Introducing Expected Value Pool (EVP):

  • Blind distribution 😎

  • No bonding curve 🐟

  • Pricing based on the expected value of the remaining pool 🤝


We believe bonding curves can induce great deal of FOMO and are mostly optimised for profit, not fairness.

On the other hand, fixed prices do not reflect the content.

With this in mind, we built EVP, where the minting price depends on the total value remaining in the pool.

How it works

If someone draws a Genesis from the pool (rare and more valuable), it will decrease the total value of the remaining pool. Therefore, it lowers the price for the next collector accordingly.

Example: let's say there are 101 NFTs that can be minted from the pool:

  • 1 rare NFT with a price of 10 ETH

  • 100 common NFTs with a price of 0.1 ETH

So, the price of minting 1 token from the pool is (1 × 10) + (100 × 0.1) / 101 ~ 0.198 ETH. Once the 10 ETH token gets bought out from the pool, the price falls to a flat 0.1.

On the other hand, as more 0.1 ETH tokens get bought up, the price will rise, since you'll have a higher chance of getting the 10 ETH token.

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