We have four main artists and each of them has produced ten Geneses, which makes it a total of 40 Geneses in our collection.

What can you do with your Genesis?

  • Mutate: The owner can mutate their Genesis into 256 different variations by burning a specific Mutagen, thus making Mutagens a deflationary collection. Each Genesis has 4 layers and each layer has 4 variations.

  • Hunt for rare mutations: Some mutations are rarer. For example, there are only two Cryptopunk variations and four Moon variations that can be triggered, ever. After these numbers are reached, no Genesis owner can trigger these variations ever again.

  • Collect revenue: Other JPEG collectors can make digital Prints of your Genesis (snapshots of the current version). 90% of the minting fee gets locked into the smart contracts (for instant liquidity if a Print holder wants to burn its Print), 5% goes to the Genesis owner and 5% to Mutagen.

Genesis rarities

Mutation rarities

In general, we can consider a Cryptopunk + Moon variation the rarest state of a Genesis.

Game theory

There are some interesting outcomes we can expect with game theory. For example:

  • Race for the Cryptopunks. Since only 2 Geneses can ever mutate into a Punk version (first come first serve basis), it can create competition between the Genesis holders to get enough specific Mutagens to be the first to mutate into a Punk variation.

  • Mint us to the citadel and burn it down. If I’m a Genesis holder and I’m able to get a Punk mutation, there are two interesting options available to me: a) I keep the mutation and allow people to print as many prints as possible. b) I mint X number of Prints quickly and then mutate my Genesis again to remove the Punk variation. This makes these prints very rare and one of a kind.

  • To fight or to love & collaborate? Genesis holders need to buy specific Mutagens and burn them. The more Mutagens are burned, the higher they will be valued. Will there be two different communities collaborating - the Genesis holders and Mutagen holders? Will the Mutagen holders start working against Genesis holders not to burn the Mutagens? Or will there be a collaboration between them?

  • Just DAO it. There are a lot of coordination elements that can evolve from this project. Will some of the Genesis holders create a DAO and fractionalise the Genesis NFT to then coordinate the mutation strategies? Will there be Mutagen DAOs who then coordinate with Genesis holders who need mutagens to mutate their Genesis into a rare variation? Getting a rare variation (Cryptopunk for example) means more value/revenue for the Genesis holder. Can the Mutagen DAO collaborate here to get a piece of the pie?

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